When it comes to legal, financial and personal information, proper redaction is key to preserving trade secrets and personal security. With trackapprovalscom Redaction features, you can protect privileged, confidential and sensitive information including

Key Features

Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Sensitive Human Resources Information.

Customer credit card details.

Legal Disclosures.

Features of trackapprovalscom Redaction include:

Search for key words or phrases and delete from multiple pages within document.

Create custom search parameters.

Redact whole pages.

Ability to draw redaction boxes over sections of documents such as images.

Burned-in redaction of selected information, not just a mask over the top.

Securely remove all traces of the redacted items from the final document.

Redacted items will not be found in a search and cannot be seen, highlighted, or copied.

trackapprovalscom responsive design makes it easy for remote employees, vendors, or external users to sign documents from anywhere, at any time, no matter what device they’re using. No more express mail, faxing or waiting, get the signature when you want it, NOW.

Ensure complete document security and company compliance by using trackapprovalscom Document Redaction features.


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